1. What is the duration of the workshop?

    The workshop spans over two days – 16 working hours.

  2. Where will the workshop be held?

    The workshop will take place at a professional photo studio. Detailed directions and instructions will be provided per e-mail.

  3. What is included in each package option?

    Each package offers a different level of access and perks. You can find detailed information about each package in official e-mail.

  4. Do I need to have prior experience in photography to attend?

    No prior experience in fashion photography is required to attend the workshop. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer looking to enhance your skills, the workshop is designed to cater to participants of all levels.

  5. Will there be opportunities for hands-on practice during the workshop?

    Yes, the workshop includes practical sessions where participants will have the opportunity to apply the techniques and concepts they learn in real-world scenarios and to work with the industry professionals: make-up artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists and models.

  6. What equipment do I need to bring?

    Participants are encouraged to bring their own camera equipment, including DSLR or mirrorless cameras, lenses, and any other accessories they typically use for photography. 

  7. Are meals provided during the workshop?

    Meals are not included in the workshop fee. However, there will be scheduled breaks with snacks and non-alcohol drinks.

  8. Will there be a certificate of completion awarded at the end of the workshop?

    Yes, all participants who successfully complete the workshop will receive a certificate of completion signed by Stefan Kokovic.

  9. Is there a minimum age requirement to attend the workshop?

    Participants must be at least 18 years old to attend the workshop. Minors under the age of 18 must have a written permition by a parent or guardian.