Professional Lightroom presets

After over a decade of experience in fashion photography and graphic design, a multi-award-winning artist Stefan Kokovic has created a set of professional Lightroom Presets that will help you retouch and preserve your beautiful images with ease.

This filter-collection will give your images a visual level-up that is perfect for a very professional look. You can use these presets on both – desktop and mobile devices.


Capture the past with these seventies and eighties style Lightroom filters. With styles inspired by classic Kodak analog film, these filters will give your images a vintage look that’s perfect for capturing those special memories. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of nostalgia to your photos or want to give them an aged appearance, these filters are the perfect way to do it.


The wonderful La Palma! These filters are a trio of professional, Adobe Lightroom filters that help you to capture the warmth of the sun, the cool crispness of the sea, and the sand between your toes. With just a few clicks, you can add an instant sun-kissed glow, bring in the blue sky on a overcast day, or give your photos that vacation feel – no matter where you are.


Introducing the Fashion Black! A unique light-filter collection which includes 3 different black/white presets to help you create deep contrast and a perfect grayscale balance, with well defined monochrome tones and a true high-end fashion look. These presets are perfect for portrait photography, studio photography, fashion photography or to get a perfect monochrome/analog tone to your work.


Introducing the Dark Warmth! A unique light-filter collection which includes 3 different color presets to help you create deep contrast and moody colors, with well balanced light-warm and deep-warm tones. These presetsare perfect for outdoor photography, nature or to get a slightly darker-mysterious tone to your photographs.


Introducing the first bundle – FB/DW Bundle!

A unique light-filter collection which includes 6 different black/white and colour presets to help you create high-end impressive photography work!


Photography Exhibition ROT – held in 2019 in Vienna is transformed into a personal photography monograph. Exclusively available at Apple Books Store.